Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – this is sustainability.

Brundtland Commission 1987

Some things have gone terribly wrong

The bad

We live in a consumerist and increasingly urban existence throughout Germany, Europe and the developed countries. We consume a lot of natural resources every day – a lot more than we should be using.

The worse

In many other parts of the world there is extreme poverty, no access to basic health care, clean drinking water or basic education for children. Worse still, hunger is on the rise again worldwide.

The ugly

The burning of fossil fuels, industrialized agriculture and massive deforestation have increased the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere to a level that has not been reached for more than 400,000 years. Climate is changing.

Oh my gosh! Who can fix it?

You can fix it!

First of all, it starts with you! You are an essential part of a solution! Start changing things in your private and in your business life.

Start now and inspire others to do the same. Be a part of the green revolution!

Banks can fix it!

The banking industry plays an essential role in changing those issues by prompting and accelerating a sustainable development.

Banks can guide the way to a more sustainable world by lending to economic activities that yield the best return not only from an economic viewpoint, but equally regarding environmental and social aspects.

They can even do more! Banks are in the best position to provoke their customers, shareholders, and other stakeholder to support sustainable development and to change their behavior.

In this way, banks can regain their relevance in the economy and society to sustainably solve the problem of the continuing weakness in earnings since the financial crisis.

We help banks to fix it!

Together with our partners, helps banks to become architects of a sustainable future.

We support banks to build a strong sustainable finance proposition and to inspire their clients to engage with their bank in this matter.

We even empower banks to be perceived by their private and commercial clients as catalysts and coaches for a sustainable future.


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